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Can we talk about Area 11 for a second? These men have had such an impact on my life in the past year, ever since the first time I heard Area 11 in one of Martyn’s streams and I watched Sparkles* sing I knew there was something special about their music, a different sort of love you don’t get in every band. Music aside, these men are amazing, they truly care about their fans and take time out of their day to show us how much they really care, weather its a video to let us see their progress on their newest song or a simple tweet to one of us. Watching their videos and listening to their music truly has made a huge difference to my life in the past year, I went from depressed, broke and alone to happier then I’ve ever been, and as of today, I have a job. I honestly don’t think I could have done it without this tweet I received 10 minutes before the interview. I was shaking and felt like I was about to break down the second I walked in there, but the second I saw this tweet I calmed down in a matter of seconds and was able to calmly sit through the interview and even get the job. It’s little things like this that make such a huge impact, and show how much they really care about us as fans. I feel blessed by their music and the fact their such rad people, I might never get over. 

This moved me. I’m so happy we managed to help you, but it was all you really! Congrats on the job :)


Simon’s new song is out! They say the animation/MV should be up today, too! <3

Spotify link to song here!

Yup. Couldn’t keep this mental image out of my head.

I may have gotten a few of the lyrics wrong— lemme know and I’ll correct them! 

quick corrections (good work though!)

Hidden in the mountain’s store
Skin made of iron, steel in our bones
C’mon brothers sing with me
Never seen the blue moon’s glow
Stuff your bellies at the feast
Dreaming in our mountain keep

Rest is good :)

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